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Kevin Burke

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ummm [Feb. 23rd, 2005|11:33 am]
Kevin Burke
[mood |blankblank]
[music |boulevard of broken dreams]

yeah, im never online anymore so i dont update. ever. but if i get enough comments maybe i'll start updating again...
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homecoming bliss.. [Oct. 3rd, 2004|12:10 pm]
Kevin Burke
[mood |mellowmellow]
[music |rap shit]

wow so lastnight was a fucking crazy night, a perfect ending to homecoming weekend... basically what happened was billions of people packed into my boy evans huge house, where there were no parents and about 8 thousand (give or take) beer cans. no drinking games or anything of that nature, just atleast a hundred people kickin back and drinking their brains away to celebrate the beautiful victory over the rival fairport. the cops come and everybody but me and a few other brave souls fucking ran and hid. we talked to the cop and he knew there was underage drinking but then he noticed his cousin in the mix of all the people and straight up told us to keep it down and booked. HOLY FUCK, great night, great weekend, just great.
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siiiun [Aug. 28th, 2004|01:43 am]
Kevin Burke
wghatup siiiujn. im j chillin, fuckin straight up TRASHED off my mo cluckin ass...i dont think ive ever drakn this much. i laid down to go to sleep and i couldnt sleep cause the wgole room started spinning anf i was about t puke. but who cares im just chillin....ive been drinking labatts this whole summer, then the fiorst night i drink budlight i get fucking so trasjed i cant walk straight...................
ppeace out blackies
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no one likes subjects [Aug. 20th, 2004|09:43 am]
Kevin Burke
[mood |goodgood]
[music |low rider]

yo so i think im the last person on earth to get a cell phone but i did...so hit me up at 202-6760...but i had a pretty eventful week, and its only friday. tuesday i went with AJ to D/D while he donated blood. and, like planned, he didn't react well at all. basically what happened was he passed out, the nurse rang som bell and within 3 seconds about 8 doctors came running in, rambo style, they picked him up to bring him to an exam table, but he started having a seizure so they just layed him down on the floor and "stabalized" him. i got to watch this little episode... and the night before his brother zach busted his ass...literally. what happened there was he "had a nightmare" and "fell out of bed" landed square on his ass and bruised it. lol its pretty funny. lucky fuck gets to take vicatin for it though... but then that night, we copped ourselves two 18ers of labatts went to my boy dales hizzie where his parents were not home. it was pretty much only me dom and AJ drinking, but i had fun and thats all i care about. then lastnight we grabbed the few leftover brews out of dales fridge and me and dave killed em to our domes at some amanda girls house... happy birthday amanda. then doms dad found the empties in his car and we straight up blamed it on dave...but he didnt really care so neither did i...

im out holla atchya boi girrrrl...
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thanks nick... [Aug. 15th, 2004|04:51 pm]
Kevin Burke
i'd like to thank my boy nick for making lastnight possible. basically we drove around for about 6 hours trying to obtain some good old brew. finally nick came through and we scored 24 labatts and 6 triple blacks. me, dave and aj killed it all and had some fun... played kings, pagano fuckin chugged the king cup like there was no tomorrow. then went to drop some bitch off then drove around for a couple hours drinking more beer. stopped off at pinnacle lutheran church where mr. DD zach o'connor came up with what he called "drunken challenges" mad funny. then we got the idea to go get some donuts at "krimpey kremes",lol... so pagano crashed at my place and he passed out on the couch in the basement at like 3 and i fell asleep. when i woke up at 4 he was gone so i went upstairs to find him he was passed out on the kitchen floor, i almost fuckin tripped over him. so i brought him back down and he didnt remember any of it in the morning. mad funny times yo, it was my birthday celebration...

yo me and pagano always seem to find ourselves completly trashed on the 15th of every month...this is only weird because its the monthly anniversary of when greg austin died... 3/15/04 R.I.P.
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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2004|10:33 am]
Kevin Burke
whatup. so my brithday was yesterday and it was alright, i got my permit, drove for a while, but i didnt really celebrate yet (if you know what i mean) with summer school and all...but tonight will be off the heezy for sheezy. so if you wanna party somewhere tonight, for the birthday of k-biz, let me know. i have to work till 10:00 but after that is fair game for lots of beer.
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holy fuckballs [Aug. 11th, 2004|10:24 am]
Kevin Burke
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |tuesdays gone -y'all know who.]

you havent seen shit till you've seen a lynyrd skynyrd concert, let me tell you. fucking amazing. 1000's of drunk high rednecks, 100's of ear popping solo's...just incredible. cigarettes, pot, and whiskey FILLED the landmark theatre in syracuse. it was fucking sweet. 8/10/04 will be remembered for mad long.

yo try typing LYNYRD SKYNYRD... its mad hard.
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yo when da beat gonn' start...aight aight. [Aug. 9th, 2004|11:59 am]
Kevin Burke
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[music |planet of the apes]

alright yo, birthdays in 3 days. 16th birthday i might add, which means permit, which means nicks letting me drive his truck. sorry boss, you promised...

and can someone tell me when the SR cd release show is scheduled for? the one where you are supposed to go on at 9 o'clock.

so anyone going to see lynyrd skynyrd on tuesday night? oh wait thats right...I AM! 2nd row, center, lots of beer, doesnt get any better than that. oh and i might have one extra ticket if anyone else wants to go...but who would ever want to go to that?
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yo im back, its the zach attack... [Aug. 4th, 2004|10:15 am]
Kevin Burke
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |bon jovi -cowboy]

word me and zach recorded a rap song lastnight it was mad fun.
"yo im back, its the zach attack,
im here on a mission to correct all the lack,
of respect, for us white guys,
i see mad white chicks all about the black dick,
it disgusts me..."
some mad funny shit...

i just killed like 50 bees in 3 different nests in my yard, its some fun shit you should try it.

well i just got home from school and im just chillin so give me a call..

birthday: august 12th...happens to be a sr show in buffalo on that night, so its gonna be some fun...
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priceless... [Aug. 1st, 2004|09:59 pm]
Kevin Burke
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |rap shit nicca]

-pack of marbloro reds: $2.40...
-assorted Phillies and White Owl blunts: $.50...
-50 count box of White Owl peach blunts: $13.70...
...being able to buy tobacco underage without tax on the indian reservation... priceless

so today me and my boys went out to the indian reservation on our way to darien lake. i love that place. no tax, smokin with indians in the store, no WE CARD bullshit.
then darien lake was cool too. the night before we bought a 12er of labatts blue and only drank a couple, so we put em in a cooler and i was the only one who wanted to drink, so i ended up drinkin like 8 or some shit. mad fun.
then we took countless pictures of attractive women, but the objective was to look like you were with them in the picture.
and i almost got fuckin spit on by some dumb fuck on the ferris wheel, so i was waitin by the exit for him to come out...and i had it all planned out in my head...i was just gonna be like 'yo, you fuckin like getting spit on motherfucker?' and whether he said yes or no i was just gonna spit on his face and walk away.
but yeah mad good times.
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